Apartheid road

Apartheid road
On Wednesday, 9th January, Israeli authorities opened the new road, located north of Jerusalem, which is divided into halves by the 8-meter wall, separating Israeli drivers from Palestinian drivers.
The road no. 4370 is 3,5 km long, it connects Geva Binyamin settlement with road no. 1 Jerusalem- Tel Aviv.
The road, which is already called apartheid road, is to serve Israelis living in the illegal settlement located north of Jerusalem to reach the city quicker as well as Palestinians who cannot enter the city, to drive around it.
Road no. 4370 is only one part of the strategy of Israeli authorities that aims at expanding illegal Israeli settlement and annexation of Palestinian land, with the ultimate goal of the inability of the establishment of the sovereign State of Palestine.
Achieving peace in the region requires resisting apartheid policy.
Road no. 4370