Oświadczenie Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicznych i Ekspatriantów Państwa Palestyny

Israel, the occupying Power, its officials, settler militias, its flag, and occupying forces have no sovereignty, place, or authority over any part of Jerusalem, its Old City, its alleys, its walls, and its Holy Sites;
Israel’s racist laws and practices aimed to alter the demographic composition, historic, and legal status of Jerusalem, including its annexation, are null and void and must be rescinded;
Israel’s so-called “Jerusalem Day” is a celebration of grave violations of international law and United Nations Charter, including the prohibition of acquisition of territory by force;
The so-called “Flag March” embodies the racist, discriminatory, and oppressive regime of Jewish supremacy and apartheid;
Armed Jewish supremacists marching in Jerusalem, openly calling for the death of Arabs and Muslims and wreaking havoc, is an act of terror;
This includes apparent and systematic recruitment and use of children by Jewish supremacists and the continued teaching of hate and incitement;
The so-called “Flag March” exposes Israel’s non-existent sovereignty over Jerusalem by harassing and arresting, en masse, the Palestinian people, attacking their homes and shops, and paralyzing the City in order to guard the settlers;
The “Flag March” is a demonstration of unaccounted intimidation and violence targeting Palestinian presence and existence; it is an exhibition of unabated and State-sponsored supremacy and terror, unmatched and unsurpassed in modern history;
The State of Palestine reiterates that Israel, the occupying Power, and its officials are deliberately playing with fire by leading, encouraging, and facilitating racial terror and an anti-Palestinian march;
Israel and its officials are fully responsible for the repercussions of its decisions and their threat on international peace and security.